Chakra Crystal Stone Bracelet

Chakra Crystal Stone Bracelet

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  Chakra Bracelet

Chakra is the universal energy found inside every one of us that we can tap in to by opening the 7 Chakra centers situated inside the body and mind.

Intended to balance the seven Chakras, our handmade Chakra bracelet channels spiritual harmony to the mind, body and soul. Each bracelet stone aligns with the seven chakras to shift and balance your energy centers.

The stones in our handcrafted bracelets are polished smooth and attached with a stretch cord making them neat and simple to wear.

Feel the positive energy shift in your Chakras and the balance to your spiritual wellbeing whilst wearing this bracelet.  

Item Details:

  • Material: Natural Stone and Copper Alloy
  • Length: 20cm | 8 inches
  • Cord Type: Elastic

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